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“Dear Duška… Im’m still completely infatuated by that day! When I look at the photographs, it almost feels like it was just a beautiful dream … And when I look at the clothes that I bought with you… I see that dreams truly do come true! My loved ones are completely astonished by my transformation, and a lot of them asked for your contact information! I will definitely come by in the next few days. I will contact you beforehand, so we have time to grab a coffee. untill then, take care and create even more magic! Best, Dragana”


“Dearest, I would like to thank you fot this unforgettable expeience. The makeover was something completely new to me. Although I wasn’t sure about my new hair color myself, my loved ones accepted the change with open arms.”

“I decided to try style consulting for a simple reason; I needed a change. I wanted to experience something new, something simple, and I got exactly that. Colors alone can change a person’s personal style and don’t even get me started on hair and clothes! The perfect trouser design, the right length of a cardigan, a sweater, and cleavage… All the details make up a whole, which you learn about and later incorporate in your daily life to become a new person. Everything is just so simple. Be brave and try it! You will hear many beautiful, new things to make you glow in that one hour of consultation. 100 %. Be courageous!”

“Style consultation helped me greatly in combining my figure with fashion trends and colors. I was not aware of the current trends and I found the consultation to hold a lot of value. What I found particularly interesting is how designs and lengths of clothes I never imagined to try on, fit me so well. After just an hour of the consultation, I began thinking of different color combinations and designs of clothes, shoes, and bags and they were all so different from my prior clothing choices. I am most excited about feeling great in my “new” colors and designs, that others will notice and compliment me on.”

“I decided to try out Tae Morei’s consultation service because I did not pay attention to my appearance in the previous years at all. After working on myself in terms of my “outside appearance” as well, I found I rarely know what to wear and which colors to choose. When I first learned about this consultation service I was skeptical, as I was expecting a complete makeover, which would not fit my personality or my lifestyle. But I was more than surprised at my consultation session. In a positive way, of course. Mrs. Duška was remarkable in her holistic perspective of a person. She pays attention to a person’s personality, their work, and them as a whole when advising them. The consultation provided me with a comprehensive overview of appropriate clothes, make-up, and hairstyles. With a general guideline on appearance, in a way. I was extremely fond of Mrs. Duška’s readiness to join me while shopping to provide “in real life” consultation. It is amazing to sense her complete devotion to her work – her approach toward clients is professional but warm. And mostly how she realizes appearance and internal beauty go hand in hand!”

“I decided to try style consulting because I could barely tell what “looks good” on me and what does not. I learned so much; what to wear, what not to wear, what colors and designs suit me, what hairstyle I should try etc. I have already recommended the same consultation service to my friend, and she was happy to try it out.”