“I have decided to try style consulting for a simple reason – I needed a change. I wanted to hear something new, something simple and I got it. Colours alone can change the person’s personal style, and don’t even get me started on hair and clothes. The perfect trouser design, the right length of a cardigan, a sweater, and cleavage – they all sum up to details, which you hear, learn about and follow them to becoming a new person. Everything is just so simple, be brave and try it.

You will hear many beautiful, new things to make you glow in that one hour of consultation.

100 %. Be courageous!”

Style consultation helped me greatly in combining my figure with fashion trends and colours. I, myself, was not aware of the current trends and I found the consultation very valuable. In particular, I would never even think these are the designs and lengths of clothes for my figure. Just after one hour of consultation I began searching for different colour combinations and designs of clothes, shoes and bags than before. I am mostly excited about feeling great in my “new” colours and designs, which is noticed by my surroundings and I get complimented a lot.

“I have decided for the consultation, because I was not focused on my appearance in the previous years. After working on myself on the “outside” as well, I found out I rarely know what to wear and which colours to choose. I learned of this consultation option and at first I was somewhat sceptical, as I was expecting a complete makeover, which would not respect my character or my lifestyle. But I was more than surprised at my consultation session. In a positive way, of course.

Mrs Duška was remarkable in her holistic perspective of a person. She has regard for the person’s character, their work and the person as a whole.

Consultation provided me with a comprehensive overview on appropriate clothes, make-up and hair. In a way, a general guideline on appearance.

I was extremely fond of Mrs Duška’s readiness to join me while shopping to provide actual consultation. It is amazing to sense her complete devotion to her work – her approach toward clients is professional, but warm. And mostly how she realises appearance and internal beauty go hand in hand.

I decided to try style consulting, because I could rarely tell what “looks good” on me and what does not. I learned so much – what to wear, what not to wear, what colours suit me, what designs, what hair etc. I have already recommended the consulting service to my friend, and she was happy to try it out.