Fashion consultation

Our advice is to choose STYLE ANALYSIS AND CONSULTATION. Simple advice can help you unlock your style and save time and money.


  • defining your face shape,
  • defining your body type,
  • defining your colour type.

We organise FASHION CONSULTING based on your fashion analysis:

  • what type of cuts should you wear, what are the suitable materials and patterns for covering up or focusing on certain body parts,
  • which colours look good on you,
  • where to place your accessories and of what size,
  • what shoes best suit your body type,
  • what make-up should you use in order to emphasise your eyes,
  • what haircut is best for your face shape and what hair colour is best for your skin tone,
  • what form of eyebrows is best for you.

Never return from shopping unsatisfied and do not buy clothes you will never wear!

"I have decided for the style consultation for a simple reason – I needed a change.  I wanted to hear something new, something simple and I got it.  We are not even aware on how simple it is.

Colours alone can change the person's personal style, and don't even get me started on hair and clothes.  The perfect trouser design, the right length of a cardigan, a sweater, and cleavage – they all sum up to details, which you hear, learn about and follow them to becoming a new person. Everything is just so simple, be brave and try it.

You will hear many beautiful, new things to make you glow in that one hour of consultation.

100 %

Be courageous!"

Best regards from Bojana"

Hairdressing, colouring and highlights

The right choice of hair colour and highlights is of key importance for your appearance. A right hair colour is refreshing and rejuvenating, while wrong hair colour ages you and you look tired. What do you want? Relax in the hands of the professional team and you will find your glow in a moment.

Also a haircut can drastically change your face and add that cherry on top for special occasions or your everyday attire.

Professional make-up and consultation

Our make-up artist is completely focused on make-up and consultation for that hour and a half. You can decide for the evening make-up, which is more noticeable and glamorous or the subtle and fresh day make-up. You can bring your own make-up and we can advise you on which are fine and which are not appropriate for your face of skin type.

The make-up session also includes small tricks and advice on applying make-up every day.

Shopping with sylist

Two or three hours of your time spent with a personal stylist and you will purchase clothes, which will invigorate you and make you look wonderful.

Our client on their experience:

Professional photoshooting

The moment you decide for a style makeover this becomes one of the turning points in life. We capture these entertaining, relaxed and interesting events in your memory with a camera.

Professional equipment creates professional photographs, which can be used for various occasions.  Every woman can be a cover girl!

"I have accidentally come across the ad on style consultation and I suddenly knew this is what I need. I was tired of the monotony. I was getting bored of my clothes. But I did not know what to do. I always bought similar clothes to the ones I already owned.

When I scheduling the session with Duška, I felt like I was not mature enough for this, while she came across marvellous. After you meet her, you can hardly believe it. It is a rare occasion to meet someone so honest, simple, warm and energetic, who is an inspiration from the first moment onward. I listened to her advice with enthusiasm and I try to follow it. It made me feel more confident.

Shopping with Duška was the best decision I made! I always disliked shopping, as I could not see myself in the clothes they offered everywhere. I usually ended up walking around in shops rather than actually buying something. With Duška? A fantasy. I never felt bored. She pointed out I look good in clothes, I would never try on or even notice. Suddenly, I saw myself differently. In clothes and colours that never interested me. And I liked myself!"



Plucking, designing and filling eyebrows

Eyebrows are the frames of our faces, and that is why they need to be pampered. Correctly plucked and designed eyebrows are a basis for a lovely make-up and attractive appearance.

Gelish nails

Every woman with any sense of style must have nice nails. We offer you lengthening of nails and permanent colouration with colour gel by the gelish method. Colours remain intact for 3 to 4 weeks, while the nails appear natural.


A haircut can drastically change your face and add that cherry on top for special occasions or your everyday attire.


Our clients are offered high quality service for feet care (medicinal pedicure, aesthetic pedicure, in-growing toenails, nail fungus etc.).

Feet are an important part of our body. They provide movement. We depend on them to take us where we want. We display our most elegant shoes on our feet. Never neglect your feet.