Everything from style, haircut and make-up consulting, to complete fashion makeovers. Choose your path to change!

Makeovers for Women

Do your style choices not cut it? Take a look at our fashionable makeovers and read more about the perfect fashion makeover!

Model for a Day

The most interesting service for the younger population or those of you who are young and bold at heart.

Wardrobe Makeover

If you think it is time to refresh your closet and change your appearance for the better, we are here for you!

VIP Style Friend

Are you amongst those who desire a makeover but don’t want to announce it to the whole world? Do you feel like you’re in need of gradual changes with the support of a “style best friend”? You’ve come to the right place!

Personal Promotion Photoshoot

In the business world, there is no room for mistakes; every slip-up gives your competition an extra advantage.

Makeovers for Men

Looking fashionable matters. Even for men. Let’s make you shine!

Mini Services

Are you in need of just a bit of fashion advice? Or maybe desire a shopping consultation?

Fashion Events and Seminars

Don’t miss out on our events at which we share our secrets to becoming a true fashion icon!

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