Personal fashion consulting

Why choose fashion consulting?

  • Have you ever bought uncomfortable clothes?
  • Do you find shopping exhausting?
  • Do you think nothing looks good on you?
  • Do you want to look more attractive?
  • You often fail in matching colours, patterns and materials?
  • You want to hide certain body parts you find unattractive, but you do not know how?
  • Do you feel the need for change and you do not know how to take the first step?

Online style consultation

Get consultation anywhere!

Receive advice on your hair, make-up and clothes from your home, work travel or vacation.

Do not allow another failed shopping spree!

We provide consultation via Facebook, Skype or e-mail.



Fashion analysis and consulting


  • defining your face shape,
  • defining your body type,
  • defining your colour type.

We organise FASHION CONSULTING based on your fashion analysis:

  • what type of cuts should you wear, what are the suitable materials and patterns for covering up or focusing on certain body parts,
  • which colours look good on you,
  • where to place your accessories and of what size,
  • what shoes best suit your body type,
  • what make-up should you use in order to emphasise your eyes,
  • what haircut is best for your face shape and what hair colour is best for your skin tone,
  • what form of eyebrows is best for you.

Never return from shopping unsatisfied and do not buy clothes you will never wear!

Save your time and money, because you deserve it.


Špela - mnenja strank

Špela, 17

"The style makeover has helped me build my confidence, which used to be pretty low. I loved seeing myself in a new styled version, with professional make-up and evolved style.

I never really paid much attention to the colours I select and I could never tell which clothes fit my body best. With my new knowledge it is much easier to buy new clothes and I feel better wearing them. I think every girl should try it, because confidence is very important at this age and while growing up."

Complete fashion makeover

Shopping with stylist

Hair makeover

Professional make-up


Professional photoshooting

Gelish nails

Vildana - mnenja strank

Vildana 22 let

"I was considering replacing my clothes, but I felt insecure in buying new suitable clothes. My style was casual, and I was hoping for a more seductive appearance, which I would still be able to wear daily.

I contacted the number on this website and Duška decided to accompany me on a shopping spree and consult me about which clothes suit my figure best, while Mirela, the make-up artist provided me with some tips for make-up.

When I was invited to the studio to film a video, I felt like a star! Unforgettable!"