We often complain about not being in or not having style. That’s not true at all: style is defined as the unique appearance of something. Clothes that you wear, how you style your hair etc. Style is different than fashion – it changes more often and it is not necessarily fashionable or up to date with the current trends (even though we would all want it to be that). So, you already have style but the question is whether it’s good. Why the heck is personal style so important anyway?    

Good style is more than just »fancy« clothes. The way that we dress seriously affects our self-esteem. This doesn’t only reflect in our mentality but also in our interactions with the external world. First impressions are very important because they’re almost impossible to change. Appearances often speak for us. Our beliefs, lifestyle, and relationship that we have with the world, are all imprinted in the clothes that we wear, and people »decode« them, even if subconsciously.

With clothes, we let the world know about ourselves and our value without having to speak.    

That’s why we can assume that good style and career go hand-in-hand (it’s proven that our appearances affect our career). People who are more attractive get promoted faster. Scientists are of the opinion that this is due to attractive people being more popular than their opposites because attractiveness points to the physical well-being of a person. And what do YOU want people to think about you? That you’re calm and collected, organized, fun, unique, serious, or easy-going? The right clothes make you appear smarter and cooler and you can even pass for someone of a higher status! Clothes make you into whoever you want to be.   The way in which other people think about us and treat us is also heavily dependent on the self-esteem that we show to the world. Confidence is strongly related to the clothes that we wear. It’s important not only because it makes us more daring but also because it makes us believe in ourselves and is a preposition to good mental health and contentment = quality life.   So what do style and confidence have in common? An astonishing 90% of women think that they would be more confident if their wardrobe was full of clothes that suited them. The answer is therefore simple; the better the style that we have, the better, more attractive, and equal we feel in our skin. Self-esteem makes us aware of our value and therefore it’s easier for us to set boundaries, to not compare ourselves to others, to gain respect and approval, and maybe even attract our crush.      

When searching for potential partners the importance of clothing is enormous. We all know that we emit more confidence when we like what we’re wearing but do you also know that this, combined with our clothes, has a say in how objectively attractive we are? Even though beauty is in the eyes of the beholder (and even determined by culture to a large extent), our objective attractiveness is the first thing that makes people notice us. Part of it is, of course, charisma and positive energy… Because attractive people are proven to be more popular and because we were born into a body that we can’t really change it’s very important that we become aware of its advantages and disadvantages. If we are able to emphasize our narrow waist and bring out our brown eyes, cover up our broad shoulders and big behind with our clothes, we appear more attractive to the opposite sex than if they were to see us with messy hair and the oversized pajama that we wear to bed.   This is where we encounter a problem. The average person’s life is way too busy for them to be able to find time to research their face shape. They also aren’t aware of the fact that different clothes fit different body shapes despite these two being the main attributes in determining what suits us. »I have big breasts, short legs, wide hips, thick arms, I’m too old, I’m too young, I’m too tall, too short…!« Every one of us can develop a perfect style if we understand ourselves and our bodies. But it’s hard to know how to change your style and where to even start, what clothing pieces to keep, which ones are worth buying, and last but not least what clothing pieces even suit us. What hairstyle, color combination, or accessory will put emphasis on our attractive physical features, and which ones will visually divert the attention from the not-so-perfect attributes. AND HOW?   The overwhelming flood of information, new and trendy pieces and the fact that nothing that we buy suits us can quickly make us go into panic mode. We constantly shop and spend money on the perfect look and end up with a wardrobe full of clothes and no ideas on how to wear them.

We are lost and don’t have the right knowledge, ideas, courage, and mentorship.   Our style is made up of OUR choices. Some rules that were created years ago may not fit the person that we are today. Our clothing choices on what to wear should be based on what we feel and look our best in. Quite frankly – not all fits fit us and not all color and pattern combinations are right for us. That’s why it’s useful to know how to use clothes to emphasize certain parts of the body and to hide those with which we are less content. We all want to lose 10 kg to be able to wear that dress that we’ve seen in the store but the fact is that we can look equally as good with the body that we already have: here and now!  

How can we achieve that without an awful lot of effort? Your personal style analysis was created with the intent to help you become your own best stylist. To help you stop shopping for the same clothes over and over again and finally be content with the reflection in the mirror. With our knowledge, we will finally put an end to the mystery of what suits you and what doesn’t.  


Your personalized style booklet includes everything that you must know about your personal style (answers to all your style pickles, guidelines to dressing for your body shape), and serves as a source of fresh ideas. Above all, it is tailored to each individual specifically, so you can feel confident when wearing various combinations. Your personalized style booklet includes:

  • Analysis of your face shape and suitable accessories (glasses, jewelry,…)
  • Recommendations for the hairstyle that will suit you best
  • Make-up tips
  • Information about your body shape and guidelines that you must follow when choosing clothes (what trend fits your body type, what clothing pieces to avoid, what needs to be changed/removed, or bought)
  • Ideas for creating fashion combinations of all patterns and colors that will help emphasize your good features

 After receiving your personal photographs, we will create a booklet that you will later be sent in a PDF form via email. You will always be able to use it as a reminder and a source of fresh ideas – your own personal stylist that never leaves your side!   Be fashionable in accordance with your body shape and come alive!

Do you dare do something for yourself?  

Personalized Style Booklet price: 100€