Some think it’s absolutely brilliant because of its convenience, others prefer to do it traditionally. No matter your stance, online shopping is an indisputable part of our daily life. With the rising popularity of technology, it has slowly but surely made its way to the internet. It’s convenient, quick, and easy. What’s better than sitting on your comfortable sofa, click away, and having a package be delivered to your doorstep the next day!? A lot, as it turns out.


Online shopping doesn’t come without flaws. To finally be able to wear that beautiful dress on a hot date or that new jumpsuit to work you have to overcome certain struggles. This became even more evident in the light of the pandemic that shook the world in 2020. It actually increased clothing stores’ profit and following up to 30%. We’re sure you have already experienced a stressful day in quarantine and at the end of it, you wished for a relaxing night. So you put your kids to bed and sat in front of the computer to browse through the hot offers of online stores… And you already run into problems…


What do women have to deal with when shopping online?


1. We have to pay the bills, not shop for new clothes

For most of us, shopping is something that brings us pleasure and relaxation. We don’t walk into a store with a detailed list of what we need. Actually, we don’t even know what we want. But we know we want it now. When we get the urge to shop we want to satisfy it yet with every passing minute, we get more doubtful. Especially if we decide to “sleep it over”.

We excitedly put a bunch of things in our shopping cart but decide to wait it out and really think about it. “Tomorrow the offer will be wider” or “maybe they’ll have discounts soon and I’ll be able to buy it for a lesser price”, we tell ourselves. The next day our mood worsens, and we experience another average day and general dissatisfaction as the media feeds us bad news. We return to the “real world” where we find a million reasons not to spend money on ourselves but on our kids, new cooking utensils, the renovation of the garden, and saving up for bad times…

We never afford anything because we don’t buy what we want when we want it and because mood affects our buys greatly. We grow more and more skeptical as each day passes and we never end up going through with the purchase. At the end of the day, we can’t put ourselves first when others need it more than we do. Right? Wrong. Sometimes you have to spoil yourselves, dear ladies.


2. A wide range of options

It sounds illogical, how can there be such a thing as TOO many products? The more the merrier – that way we have more pieces to choose from! Scientists are of the opinion that such a belief is wrong. Psychologists think that choosing between a wide number of products is psychologically exhausting. Clients quickly become stressed and frustrated when they are presented with an endless number of possible choices without any support or advice that they would normally get in a physical store. This quickly becomes a problem especially if we are amongst those who have trouble deciding on pieces and finding clothes that truly suit us. For a while, we make our way through the waves of clothing in the sea of fashion but then we suddenly lose the motivation to continue. We end up exiting the store empty-handed. We don’t want to spend money on clothes that we later won’t like because the only reason for buying them was that we wanted a new dress.




3. Models vs. real life

You never know what to expect when shopping online. Stores have tried to minimize our doubt with useful videos of models showcasing how the material moves, hugs the body’s curves and how it looks under different lighting. Yet we can never be truly sure of what certain clothes will look like on US. Have you ever ordered a beautiful dress that looked fantastic in photos but was too tight in the wrong places and too loose where it shouldn’t have been when you put it on? You felt like you were wearing a bag of potatoes, so you chose to stuff it at the bottom of your wardrobe where it would never see the light of day. Despite understanding the fabric, its thickness, and color you can never truly know whether it will suit you or not – without the appropriate knowledge or seeing it on yourself. This brings us to our next problem…



4. Returns

When we finally get to the end of our purchase we breathe a sigh of relief. But the relief doesn’t last long. It lasts up until we try on the new piece of clothing and conclude that it doesn’t suit us and that the money had been lost. And so, a long and tiring process begins. We have two options: waste time on returns (+ shipping, exchanges, trying to get our money back), or save time and patience by simply getting over our failed purchase and stuffing the clothing piece at the bottom of our wardrobe. None of those are ideal: can we go with the third option? THE RIGHT PURCHASE.



Although online shopping has its cons it is still one of the most convenient services. It is quick and easy and it’s becoming better and better with each day thanks to its rapid growth.


The average person doesn’t know how different cuts, colors, and styles suit their specific body and face shape. The models in photographs are intentionally dressed in pieces that match their curves, hair color, and skin. Therefore, we cannot possibly decide whether a certain dress will suit us or not, solely based on the pictures.

Many of us are also subject to the pressure of trends that are not necessarily in line with our physique. When tent-shaped loose-fitting dresses were in vogue, of course, they didn’t look good on people with an hourglass-shaped body. We dress for ourselves. If we have a bigger bust and want to hide it we need to be aware that turtlenecks are out of the question. And if our face is round, we need to avoid round glasses. However, this does not mean that we cannot dress in clothes that emphasize our beauty – we just need to know how. How to emphasize our tanned complexion with different shades or how to show off our extremely narrow waist with various cuts.


And because we don’t possess the knowledge ourselves, we often purchase clothing that we are not content with. Have you ever added up how much money you spent on clothes that just lie in your wardrobe today? And on those that you had only wore once and then decided they didn’t suit you? Our closets should be full of clothes we love wearing to finally put an end to the complaint of “having nothing to wear”.


To prevent losing money, wasting time with refunds, alternating between this or that piece, and guessing whether a certain dress you adore will even fit you, our ONLINE STYLIST is here for you! How does it work? You simply send us your photo and your shopping cart or favorite website. You can also send us some of your recent purchases so we can learn more about you and your personal style. With this information, the stylist will eliminate pieces that will not suit you from your shopping cart, and look for those that will bring out your beauty and body shape. Or she will fill an empty shopping cart with clothes you’ll end up wearing for years and years down the line.

Don’t let your money lie in clothes at the bottom of your closet. Instead, spend it on a quality purchase that will serve you for a long time to come.


Price of the service: 55 €