Nothing. And everything all at once.

Our moms keep complaining about how old they are, how many wrinkles they have, how loose their skin is,… Let us tell you, dear moms, even we, young people with tight skin and fit bodies, aren’t satisfied with our appearances. Being a young person in this day and age is harder than it’s ever been and despite there not being a single wrinkle on our forehead we still stray away from looking in the mirror. Have you ever asked yourself why that is? And why we, even though we’re beautiful, don’t feel like it. 


Confidence means knowing yourself, being aware of your priorities, knowing your boundaries, and loving yourself enough to treat yourself well and expect the same from others. Confident individuals aren’t afraid of being turned down, they don’t need validation and they don’t change for others to accept them but because they want to. Confidence is knowing you are enough, worthy, successful, and beautiful. Which we all are.


Why does confidence have nothing to do with beauty? Because it’s a feeling. Believe it or not, even Kylie Jenner didn’t like the way her lips looked and probably shed a lot of tears over it. People find imperfections in all life periods, colors, shapes, and sizes – we truly excel at it. Older persons complain about their weight, young moms about the width of their hips, and middle-aged women almost get a heart attack when they see a wrinkle forming on their face: the eternal symptom of aging. Yet these are all things that can be easily changed, covered up, or made more beautiful. Therefore, confidence and external appearances are pretty intertwined. We don’t have to become slaves of cosmetic surgeries, we just need an aesthetic approach with the right corrections, make-up, style, and a sense of femininity.


Why is self-esteem linked to beauty after all? We think of beauty when we hear the word confidence for a reason. People who know how to dress well and feel good in their clothes are proven to be more confident than those who don’t. This isn’t important only because we’re bolder because we believe in ourselves but also because confidence affects our mental health and quality of life. An astounding 90% of women think they’d be more confident if their closet was full of clothes that suited them.

Hence, the answer is simple; the better we look, the more attractive and worthy we feel. And when we’re aware of our worth it is easier for us to stand up for ourselves, achieve respect and approval, not compare ourselves to others, and maybe even catch our crush’s eyes. The importance of clothes is indisputable in the business world also, since we convey to our employer about our productivity with how we feel in them.


To sum up, the concept of self-esteem is connected to the physical as well as to the mental level. And the path to self-love can be tedious, tiresome, and slow – sometimes it comes only with time. Despite not having wrinkles and our bodies being at the top of their physical strength, we can’t get rid of the feeling of not being enough. Besides, most of us don’t have time to educate ourselves on the complex matter of our behavior and where it stems from. Or the resources to seek help from professionals.

Yet we must start somewhere and it’s easier and faster to do so on a physical level: satisfaction with our appearance is the right address.

People need to FEEL pretty and that happens only when we believe we ARE. At Tae Morei we are dedicated to bringing out the beauty in you, the beauty that you find so hard to see. We show you who you really are. But above all, we dispute all your beliefs of not being attractive, sexy, or photogenic. We truly believe that everyone could look good and feel confident. With the right stylings, hairdos, and make-up we prove to you that you can easily climb to the level of supermodels that you admire.

Are you ready for us to show you who you truly are?