The Perfect Shorts for Your Body Shape

Shorts – hated by some, adored by many. No matter the season or trends, prints, or materials, shorts are, and always will be one of the most popular fashion items that (must) make their way into the wardrobe of every woman. They give off the same summery feeling that skirts and dresses do.

Those of you who like to dress boldly, fashionably, and yet comfortably, surely own more than one pair of shorts: in all likelihood, shorts of many cuts and colors. Shorts are – in comparison to skirts – more versatile, simple in nature, and very practical for those who are active. Every woman should know how to pair them with other clothing pieces, and most importantly what type of shorts fit her body type best. You can still show off your tanned legs while being comfortable and feeling good.

Just like with skirts, shorts follow a rule: it all depends on your body type (but the most universally and generally fitting cut are straight and structured low-waisted shorts).


If you’re buying new shorts and encounter problems with the length, go for a mid-thigh fit. Mid-thigh shorts are simple, comfortable, and in all likelihood, compliment your figure well. Shorts that have the possibility of being cuffed also give you a little bit of freedom with the length. You can either choose to show more of your thighs or hide a good chunk of them – depends on your body shape. If you are more on the petite side make sure to not cuff them too much since you will end up with an overly puffy and untidy look.


If you are on the shorter side and wish to visually add some extra centimeters to your figure, opt for shorter shorts. This way, more skin will be showing and the illusion of longer legs will be created. But make sure they aren’t too short – they should be long enough to elegantly cover your bottom. To elongate the legs even further, put on some nude heels.


Extremely short shorts can be great but they also shouldn’t be extremely tight at the same time – it is not a great look. Your fashion choices should all be about balance and work well with your body shape and height. If you, for example, want to hide some extra kilograms or a stretch mark here and there, shorts should be long enough to cover them. They also mustn’t squeeze the thigh and add additional imperfections. Stretchy and thin materials should also be avoided since they rarely complement our figure. When choosing to go with such a bold length, color choice is very important. Darker colors show more elegance which balances out the shorter, more provocative look.


One of the most important rules to follow when it comes to shorts is balancing them well with upper body clothing. Your shirt should be proportional to the shorts – don’t wear a long tunic with the shortest shorts you can find. It’s a mistake that is made by many young ladies. Switch out the tunic for a short top and put over a cardigan for some balance. Be sure not to wear long sleeves and wide T-shirts. Try out different short tops and choose the one you feel most comfortable in – that is how you know your combination rocks. 


If your torso is short, then low-waisted shorts might be best for you – they will create the illusion of it being longer. High-waisted shorts would only emphasize the narrow waist and add to that shortness.



High-waisted shorts are most suitable for those with shorter legs or those who may want to show off their narrow waist. They elongate your legs and create the illusion of a seductively lean waistline. Focus on the areas you want to visually elongate, shorten, or make stand out. When you decide what those areas are, you will know what cut to choose for your styling.




If you are a bit fuller and have more curves, you should consider choosing high-waisted shorts with a side zipper to appear more slender. This type of cut is one of the most flattering for ladies who don’t wish to add additional volume to their appearance (shorts with buttons and front zippers do that). Side zipper shorts are a good choice also due to the stretchiness of the material at the waistline which ensures a wrinkle-free look that hides those few extra pounds.



On the other side of the fashion spectrum, there lie ladies with narrow hips and petite figures who wish to add to their curves. If you are one of them, go for fashionable shorts with more details and pockets in the back. Lace, details, and wrinkly materials are also excellent and trendy choices. On the other hand, they should be strictly avoided by those who wish to hide their curves since they add to the volume of the body.

May your summer days be spent wearing shorts that show off your fashion knowledge and make you look sexy!