New Fashion Rules for a Bigger Bust – Part II


And thousands of cautionary tales of how this clothing piece should be avoided. We are of a different opinion. Choose a vest with long lines and simple cuts that flows down your body well. That way you will divert the attention away from your bust and elongate the body which will additionally minimize your bust area. And don’t stress about buttoning it – your vest should effortlessly fall down your figure. You should avoid any kind of buttoning in general anyway.



We have always been taught that with bigger breasts we should go for a wider V-neck which we again, don’t agree with. Such a neckline additionally enlarges the bust and adds to its width. Every bigger-breasted lady deserves to wear an elegant deep V-neck that shows just enough skin. Such a neckline obviously emphasizes the bust that is already symmetrical and not at all too wide.


Bigger breasts and turtlenecks have always been enemies but the elegant, minimalistic silhouette of a black, tight turtleneck doesn’t give up that easily. It might get pretty revealing so many fashionistas are torn on the topic. We believe that with the right combination, such a piece can be an excellent touch to a stylish outfit. The tight cut and high waist can elongate the body and therefore make it narrower, which means that your breasts will look smaller. Pair it with some vivid accessories and a high-waisted A-line skirt or with wide high-waisted pants and stilettos. The combination options are endless, you just have to be bold and try them all out!


Tell a big-breasted lady she can’t wear something and she will find a way to make such a piece look fantastic! In this case, it is a short wide top aka a T-shirt that goes above the belly button. Such a piece can be disastrous for your outfit – it stands out too much and additionally enlarges the upper body (and simultaneously minimizes others). But there are tricks to rocking even such complicated clothing pieces. The sleeves of such T-shirts should be relaxed: the seam of the sleeve should reach over your shoulders. Vivid and bold patterns will do miracles as well as vertical lines that can be spiced up with special prints.



It might get very frustrating to establish a personal style for many big-breasted ladies, especially if their style leans towards Men Fashion (it’s easier to achieve such a look when having manly features). But nothing is impossible! First things first, find wide, higher-waisted pants that have a strong solid structure to them. With duller colors and patterns we are able to minimize the extent of our curves and put focus on parts of the body we want to showcase. Shapes should be defined as they are and as mentioned previously, buttons and tight clothing should be avoided. A short and opened vest, high-waisted straight pants, and some heels are a stunning fashion combination. The stolen manly look is here and better than ever!