New Fashion Rules for a Bigger Bust – Part I

Every lady that has been gifted with a bigger bust is aware of the basic guidelines she must follow when dressing and which she clings onto when shopping. Such style rules and guidelines stray us away from clothing that is too tight, and bras that are the wrong size. But because rules were made to be broken, we like to do precisely that. As a reminder of how to dress in accordance with your body, we have prepared a new set of rules you must follow if your breasts are on the bigger side. Forget about the old recommendations of covering up your body and minimizing your bust area. Instead, say hello to new ways of accentuating your curves that are sure to get you many compliments.


This occurs when you finally find the right size of your favorite dress that fits your bust well yet other parts of the body get covered up in a potato sack because of the wider fit. You can solve this problem with a couple of modifications at the sewer’s to make your dress fit your bottom half nicely as well. When summer days roll around you can say hello to flowy tailored dresses that give you just enough freedom with a touch of romance for those hot summer evenings.



We can’t talk about clothing pieces for bigger busts without paying attention to the bra that is underneath all of them and provides support with a hint of sexiness. Choose bra types that fit your curves and are the right size since a bra that is too small can cause discomfort and destroy your whole stylish outfit. May the choice be based on maximum support and free movement. Finally, choose a color and go for lace combinations if you want to achieve a sexier look – lase doesn’t stand out too much even when we put a lighter dress over it.



When the buttons on your blouse can’t hold the force anymore and break, it means that your top was too small. Pay attention to the right size when choosing such clothing pieces. Prefer to size up instead of down and deal with the extra fabric by tucking it into your high-waisted skirt or pants at the front. Sleeves can also be rolled up for a relaxed look and if you’re on the bolder side you can even leave a button or two unbuttoned. But always keep in mind that when it comes to bigger busts, too big of a clothing piece is easier to fix than one that is too small!


We are tired of endless advice on how to emphasize our waist to drag the attention away from our breast area. Many guidelines have been written for bolder looks and hourglass figures but we are changing our approach this time: PLAY AROUND WITH COLORS AND PATTERNS! Instead of a narrower waist (that goes hand in hand with colors) focus your attention on making that upper part of your body stand out less. This can be achieved with the use of duller and darker colors, or simpler cuts. You can dress in vertical lines that slim down the body. Make sure to decorate your lower body with many bold summer colors and a range of numerous patterns. Don’t forget about stilettos or vividly colored sneakers that turn heads.