Stylish Shoe and Purse Combinations

It is one of those fashion rules that has been bothering ladies of all generations and nationalities for many fashion centuries now. When considering accessories of any kind you should strive to keep up a good fashion harmony and not necessarily to create identical combinations. Coordinated shoewear and purse aren’t half as visually tempting as those interesting individual pieces of accessories that every lady combines in her own way with a bit of personal touch.

Since shoes and purses are at the top of the list when it comes to most commonly worn accessories, it would be a true fashion crime to end the story by simply using the same pattern and material. Play around with them and put them together in accordance with your own taste and a touch of daring nature!




If your first choice when it comes to shoes and purses remains the “good ol’ black”, you can try spicing it up with a combination of different textures. Make an effort to include different materials in your stylings to achieve an interesting effect.

PVC materials combined with a crocodile print and suede flats or a leather purse with suede ankle boots and fringe are killer combinations. It’s a fact that a black handbag compliments shoes of neutral dark tones very well. Pigeon gray stilettos, navy ballet shoes, and cognac-colored cowboy boots are all also great examples of the perfect footwear to wear with your black purse. The same goes for your brown-toned daily bag which gives you a great opportunity to create a monochromatic look using some other accessories. For example, a chocolate brown bag paired with some caramel-colored boots. Perfect!


Printed footwear and handbags could be intertwined with neutral and vivid monochromatic colors. Leopard print and the color red are a great combination if used in moderation. Therefore, there’s no reason why printed stilettos and a red handbag couldn’t pass on a runway. In some cases two printed accessories are better than only one – and we’re being completely serious! Snake print on a small handbag is very easy to spot next to a flower print of your summer high heels. But make sure that at least some tones and colors of both accessories match. One of the bold statement pieces should also be more prominent and eye-catching.



Evening stylings should include handbags of smaller dimensions that fit the hand well. Instead of bringing a big bag that you use when running your daily errands, go for a simpler, minimalistic look. Put on some gentle stilettos that emphasize your silhouette and some minimal accessories that don’t take over the whole look. We can use such to put together stylings of different colors and prints since they themselves aren’t aggressive so color and pattern play are more than welcome.

We also stand by the fact that shoewear with metal tips can be paired with practically anything – and all the true fashionistas know it! Another bold combination is pairing metal-tipped shoes with other metal pieces. Another shiny and glamorous styling includes a silver purse and gold stilettos. Be cautious of the texture of the material to ensure a chic look. Shell tones and baggy purses made of satin are a better look than overly shiny accessories that try to be fashionable. Metal tones combined with vivid colors are another sophisticated move on your part. 

So grab your silver stilettos and pink handbags and head out for a hot summer evening date in the town.