The Nautical Trend is timeless, so you can’t really go wrong by choosing it in the Summer. The iconic Breton lines were worn by French sailors on their uniforms before being incorporated into Coco Chanel’s Summer collection in the year 1917. The modern nautical style combines colors such as dark blue, white, and red and elements such as rope, anchors, and lined patterns.

It is safe to say that it is suitable for every woman that likes to appear easy-going and relaxed while maintaining her elegance and femininity

Nautical fashion includes everything from skirts of various cuts to shorts, long and light spring/summer pants, jeans, and also overalls. Think of pieces with nautical patterns: anchors, shells, starfish, seahorses,… Add some aviator sunglasses and either sneakers, moccasins, or ballet shoes, and you’re ready to have the best summer of your life!