A hat used to be an essential part of every man and woman’s wardrobe. Today we put it on only when we wish to protect ourselves from the cold/sun. The style that we choose is nowadays primarily linked to aesthetic purposes and is not limited to strict norms.

Summer is right around the corner and various types of headgear are starting to show up on the beaches to protect us from sun rays. They also have another purpose: they add a little bit of spice to our outfits for when we’re strolling through the city or for when we simply want to look a bit “different”.


  Straw hat
The best medicine for beach nostalgia. It also protects us from harmful UV rays and makes sure we look stunning and trendy on every occasion. 

If you like to keep a bit of oriental spirit in your wardrobe, this accessory is the way to go! It ensures you look sophisticated both in the daytime and in the evening.

Wide brim hat
The most timeless and gorgeous hat. A wide-brimmed hat is truly a piece that every fashionista must own. It looks good on almost all face shapes and it’s suitable for both casual and more elegant outings.

A cap truly never goes out of style! It is loved by sportsmen and is gaining popularity as an essential accessory to casual outfits as well.

Panama hat
It used to be worn primarily by men but nowadays it is loved by women just as much. It’s a hat of medium width completed with a darker band that looks amazing with a pantsuit, white shirt, and a tie.