Being tall in today’s world has its perks like being able to reach a high-up cupboard but it also has many disadvantages.

Here are some problems that tall women encounter: pants and blouses that are too short shoes that are too small struggles with high heels  sleeves are never long enough, etc. + you’re not as “cute” since you are almost the same height as your boyfriend     

Of course, there are some tricks that can help you battle such issues:

1. You can choose 2 different lengths of skirts: – maxi – midi (below the knees)  

2. What about pants? You will obviously look very chic and sexy in skinny, tight jeans but if you wish to wear more elegant slacks, go for bell bottoms or other pants that flare at the bottom. Make sure they’re long and go down almost to the floor.  

3. Use belts or types of pants/skirts that have a very high waist  

4. If you have trouble wearing really high heels, opt for a smaller heel. But whatever you do, don’t rule out the option of heels completely!  

5. The upper body of your clothing should have a V-neck that will narrow broad shoulders.  

Above all, be confident in your skin and rock the size that mother nature gifted you with! Confidence is sexy.