We usually associate the importance of a neat and well-put-together exterior with women and their care for a beautiful and youthful appearance. However, this does not mean, that the outward aspect of men's beauty is less important. A well-groomed image and consequently satisfaction with one's look is just the first step towards a wholesome love for oneself and self-confidence. A confidant man exerts his authority and receives respect from his business partners, also with the help of a good fashion style and immaculate look.

An attractive appearance is important not only in the business world but also in one's personal life. Taking care of looking elegant and charming is important for men in relationships, as well as for those who are still looking for their soulmate. People tend to dedicate less attention to our outer beaute after being in a relationship with someone for a long time, we dedicate more time to our partner and forget about putting effort into our style and appearance, because we think that looks are not that important, now that we have found the right person. But with not taking time for ourselves and not taking care of how we look, this starts to negatively affect our self-confidence, which in the long run badly influences the relationship as well, since by being unsatisfied with how we look we unwittingly project this on our partners as well. On the other hand, it is very important for single men, to take care of their exterior as well, counting in a fashionable and modern way of dressing, as well as a well-groomed face and well-styled hairstyle. When a man is happy with how he looks, he emits a special kind of charismatic energy when he meets new people, making him instantly more attractive. In both life situations - in a relationship and while being single - taking care of your outward beauty is directly connected to your self-esteem and also with the successful relationships with others.

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"Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s self-respect." — Charles Hix