It came up a while ago as I was enjoying an evening out  with my friends. How many breake-ups there have been among our friends this year! One of us confessed on being totally shocked, when her boyfriend of some years suddenly left without explanation. However, there was a bright side to that. She was going shopping the next day and it was one of the best shopping experiences ever. And before we knew it, we were debating the best techniques on how to get  over a bad breake-up.

It is always hard to let go of someone you love. It takes a long period of grief and each individual handels it in his own way. Men usually start with a #finnalyfree phase, then party a lot, slowly realizing the truth and only after that the resentment and angry slowl settle in. With women it’s completely the opposite. Therefore it is completely normal to be sad, angry or dissapointed. It’s always good to know, that you’re not alone in this difficult times. It’s a chance to put yourself first, to party and to reflect on important aspects of our being. One must face their emotions rather then bottle them up.

Expect to feel like the world is upside down, expect not being able to eat, be completely restless or loose the motivation for even the simplest tasks.

Luckly time heals and so do these ideas:

1.       Accept the good, the bad and all the memories – even if it makes you cry. Let go of  your feelings, don’t bottle them up nad realise there’s an end to eveything. Be around people who love and support you and know when to lend a helping hand. Or simply hug you.

2.       Go shopping! The busy high street will take mind of the breake-up. Remember, shopping is even better with friends! A new look will give you the much needed confidence and you’ll be ready for a fresh start.

3.       Hang out with your friends. Be around people you love. Sometimes if feels good to be left alone, but remember the old Greeks: man is by nature a social animal. Join a party, but careful, do not use drugs or drink alcohol excessively!

4.       Pamper yourself. Do the things you love. Use some face mask, have a drink of your favourite beverage, cook a nice meal and enjoy some TV. Since you’re now on your own, expect to have more free time – use it wisely.

5.       Give yourself a MAKE-OVER!

Have you ever heard of revenge bodies? Or that having a new hair-do makes you more at peace with your breake-up? It’s time to put your self first! It’s time to discover your full potential and bring out the best in you! It’s time for new clothes, an amazing make-up, it’s time for a self-esteem boost!Book an appointment with us at Tae Morei and experience your new look, your perfect you. We won’t make any promises, but maybe, just maybe, your ex will fall – head over heels for you – again. Or someone who is a much better fit will come along.

Split up - make over