Fast and dynamic everyday tempo forces us to constantly pick between the things we think of as important. Modern women are superwomen, who successfully navigate their careers and professional obstacles and challenges, take care of their families and loved ones, but at the same time often forget about themselves. It seems that many times we put others and their needs in the first place, however, we push our own wish for time for ourselves to the side. We begin to forget about ourselves and about our well-being and put a strain on our outer beauty as well as inner satisfaction about ourselves and our lives.

The Tae Morei Team knows how hard it can be sometimes to put ourselves first that is why we came up with a plan for your first step towards a better relationship with yourselves. Our main principle is that a good appearance affects your well-being and self-esteem. With the help of our complete makeovers, we accentuate your beauty and femininity and help you find the life energy that you need for carrying out the tasks of a modern-day superwoman. A new hairstyle, that calls attention to your beautiful face and its features, a couple of elegant pieces of clothes that help you become a modern successful lady, and a professional photoshoot at the end, that eternalizes your transformation are only a couple of services we provide to our clients. Check what else we have to offer on our website and reclaim your inner power!

Our complete makeovers can also serve as a wonderful gift for a woman, who holds a special place in your heart – it can be your mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, partner, daughter, or a friend, who you believe deserves a bit of encouragement, to harness her immense potential. That is why the Tae Morei Team offers a possibility of buying a gift certificate with which we provide incredible women with an unforgettable style and beauty transformation, and thus enable them to achieve a new stage of attractiveness and unstoppable self-confidence