We were brought up with the notion that beautiful women have curves in the right places. Even though being a woman with curves is quite desirable, they could also cause self-esteem issues if too big. When we think of a big behind, most of us think "Wow, I want to have one as well" and because we believe that it attracts the opposite sex we devote a portion of our exercise to it as well. After all, men prefer butts over boobs, right? Despite it all, there are a lot of women who are bothered by their big behind. Maybe they don't like the attention it brings them, maybe they have trouble losing weight after pregnancy or quarantine (we can relate!), or maybe they just feel like they always need to be cautious so nothing "slips out". The key to dressing well is knowing what looks good on different body shapes.

With every heavier body, the goal is to hide the tummy and use colors and patterns that visually slim down the figure. This also helps with our "big behind problem". Here are some things you can do to visually slim down your figure:

• Wear jackets with high sleeve openings
• Wear pants with a high waist (just below the belly button)
• Wear good shapewear
• Prefer empire cut dresses to hide the tummy
• Choose small patterns or vertical lines
• Put on soft and light fabrics that »fall« where body curves are
• Prefer three-quarter length sleeves
• Wear straight cuts and combine them with jackets that go up to the wais

If your goal is to minimize your big behind, use monochromatic colors for pants and skirts so you can avoid adding additional volume to that area. Avoid glitter, big prints, and patterns - choose to place such on the upper half of the body. To put it simply: pants and skirts should be monochromatic and the bottom should always be simple. You can always spice up your stylings in the upper area with accessories to draw attention away from the problematic ones. You can also wear shirts with bright colors, interesting patterns, and shiny materials. Monochromatic pieces at the bottom minimize a big behind as opposed to patterns that only draw unwanted attention.

Wear high-waisted pants (low-rise ones will make you appear wider and shorter) or wear pants that flare at the bottom (only if you're tall!).


When you're looking for skirts, decide on A-line or "skater" ones for the same reason as mentioned above. The fullness of the bottom half of such skirts nicely flows over the big behind and covers it up. Such skirts are tight at the waist which becomes the center of attention. But it is crucial for the waist to be high up – this makes your legs appear slimmer and longer and accentuates the narrowest part of the body: your waist.

»Maxi« dresses are also known to visually slim down the body since their length makes us appear taller.

Another simple solution for covering up a big behind is "shirt dresses" – short dresses that look like long shirts and have a straight cut..


Wear shirts and jackets that are short in the front and asymmetrically long in the back. Jackets and blazers should go down to your mid-behind and be tailored. Simple shirts that end at the hips also "break the body" at a different area than the normal waistline and therefore »minimize« a big behind.

If you're having problems choosing between sleeve lengths prefer three-quarter ones since they end at the waistline.


We recommend using cuts that end at the hips since they, as mentioned previously, visually "break" the body and minimize a big behind. Asymmetrical cuts do the job as well. Just make sure to avoid straight-cut t-shirts and blouses that will add to the width of your hip area.


Wear high heels. Wearing high heels will literally lift you. When we wear high heels our pelvis naturally shifts forwards and our back slightly bends inwards. This is how we achieve a lifting effect and a well-rounded bottom. Besides, high heels elongate the body which helps drag away the attention from a big behind. Block heels are most comfortable, so consider wearing them if you're amongst those who find »normal« heels painful and uncomfortable.


We all want what we can't have. Take into account the guidelines listed above but don't forget the importance of a proud and confident posture. As long as you're yourself and feel good in your clothes, you will always shine bright!