Did you know that the average woman spends (in her whole life) about 40,000€ on her hair and almost 2 hours a week styling and washing it? Not only because most of us believe that visual appearances play an important role but also because our hair reflects our personality and beliefs. Besides, a flawless hairstyle is a cherry on top of our look!


History, philosophy, and even religion all testify to the deep personal relationship that we have with our hair. Why is that so?

The primary role of our hair is to protect the body from harmful UV rays and dirt and to provide additional warmth and softness for the protection of our skull. For us, in the modern world, our hairstyles are much more than just that. Despite that, most women don’t have a good relationship with their hair. Various women are of the opinion that a »bad hair day« is worse than the average one. There are days when we have to leave the house in a hurry and don’t have time to pay attention to a neat look. As a consequence, our confidence is seriously hindered during the day. Maybe because some of us hide our low self-esteem, round face or broad shoulders behind our hair, or maybe because we think that the attention from the opposite sex will be lesser and that our crush won’t notice us because we’re not attractive enough. Fun fact: men think that long wavy hair is most sexy because it’s traditionally linked to femininity. Experts are of a different opinion; women after 40 must have shorter hair so they look more youthful since it softens their facial lines.

A good relationship with our hairstyle is linked to higher self-esteem, health, and feeling in control, a recent study suggests. The right hairstyle plays an important role in our personal life but we can’t neglect the importance of a good hairstyle in the business world. A good hairstyle in the business world greatly affects our chances of getting employed. The respect that you receive from your employer is also greater. Our appearance affects how we’re treated and how seriously we’re taken and it is, whether we like it or not, the first thing that people notice about us.

If we choose the right hairstyle it brings out our personality and features. With the correct hairstyle, you can look completely different, younger, or prettier. Our hair also frames our face. With incorrectly shaped hair, we appear older and duller. That’s why it’s important to choose a hairstyle that fits our lifestyle, age, face shape, skin tone, and our appearance as a whole.  

Sounds simple, my hairdresser is only a call away! The problem arises when our limited knowledge prevents us from being able to choose the right color and shape. We keep wondering about our perfect hairstyle our whole lives. We leave the salon feeling dissatisfied, looking completely the same. Our perfect hairstyle remains a mystery. We all wish to have a hairstyle that emphasizes our glowing eyes, refreshes our dull facial expressions, and enables us to feel good in our skin. People become bored very easily and we often ask ourselves; »Is really the best that I can do?!« We’re afraid of change even though there is a chance we could look completely fabulous. We’re afraid of the wrong decisions and rarely take risks. Even when experimenting, we can’t seem to find the right look, so we just end up returning to the one that feels most familiar.

If you don’t receive any compliments for your hairstyle anymore, you probably already know it’s time to spice things up. Do you recognize yourself in any of the following statements (even if people don’t comment on your hair)?:

  • Your answer to the question »have you colored your hair?« is always: »no, it’s just my roots«
  • Every day is a bad hair day
  • Everyone says you haven’t changed
  • Your hairdresser asks you: »same as always?«

  …then it’s time for a new hairstyle and fresh self-love! Dear ladies and gentlemen, most people are afraid of change but you have to reach your potential and not just wonder about it – life is short! Enough of old, pale, »grandma-like« hairstyles, dissatisfied faces, and overthinking about opinions of everyone who’s not worth it!

What now? Instead of mimicking the hairstyles of famous celebrities, talk to a professional that will know what would look good on you. Different hairstyles suit different face shapes and so not all hairstyles are for everyone. We can help you with our knowledge to finally stop wondering about what hairstyle is »the one« and to simply visit the salon with fresh ideas and trust the process. 


Our personalized analysis of your perfect hairstyle is made just for you and includes:

  • your face shape analysis
  • suitable colors for your hairstyle (in accordance with your face shape, age, and overall image) and those that you must avoid
  • suitable shapes for your hairstyle (in accordance with your face shape, age, and overall image) and those that you must avoid

+ visual examples of suitable hairstyles

After receiving your photograph we will create a personalized analysis that you will later receive in a PDF form via email. Fresh ideas will make sure you start loving your hairdresser appointments and emit your inner spark to the world with your external appearance also.

Do you dare finally solve the mystery of your perfect hairstyle and feel good in your skin?

Tip: Personalized Perfect Hairstyle Analysis is also a great gift idea for anyone in need of a little bit of change and fresh energy!

Booklet price: 50€