Which words ring a bell with you? Searching, style, respobsibilities, work, kids, self-esteem, presents, pregnancy, fashion, maturity, love, home? Which word goes with what stage in your life? Does self-esteem belong to your twenties or your fourties? Is searching from the twenties or fifties? Do gifts belong to sixties? Is your career important in your thirties or fourties? How about pregnancy?

At what stage in your life are you? Every stage in a life of a woman has its own characteristics and those impact the way we look.

Twenties – your’re officially an adult

Twenties are a big deal. No longer a child, no longer a minor. You’re officially an adult, questioning the right choices. To live with your parents or on your own? Have a serious relationship or just have fun? And the clothes? Have you found your true style yet?
The twenties are an age of self-searching and discovering your tru style. Finfing the balance between pleasing others and finding your true style is the key.

Thirties – so many challanges ahead

The thirties are an age of big decisions. First big job, starting a career. Having a partner, husband, kids. Finding a forever home. So many roles to take on oneself. A great business woman, yet a perfect mother. Being a parent, yer being a lover. It’s hard. Even harder is deciding on the style. Leggings at an outing with kids or a nice dress at work? Or both for those days that never end.

Fourties – the age of tired

We’re amazing at work, yes, we are. We have a stabile partner – or we’re stable at not having one. Renovating your home. Soccer practice. Job. Clean clothes, healthy lunch, rare moments with the hubby or friends. We are still young, yet our day is so full, we tend to forget about ourselves – and we should’t!

Fifties – time to breathe in

Yes, fifty, but with style! Finally some time to relax. Go shopping – alone or with friends, but you finally have the self-esteem and know what looks good on you and nobady can tell you any different – except a hired proffesional!

Sixties – young again, with grandkids

Your kids are spending a lot of time with you again, but this time they bring your grandkids along. You spoil them and somethimes they return the favour with some amazing pampering.

Each year in your life is amazing at it self and at Tae Morei we support you by bringing the best of you, no matter the age. A true style is never out of style!