We all wish to be up to date with the recent trends since in today’s world things happen very quickly. Tech companies come up with new, practical innovations every couple of years and you don’t exist anymore if you don’t have an Instagram account that was unheard of years ago. (Or you’re an old grandma if you still post to Facebook). Yet when it comes to the fashion world, things happen at a different pace. Fashion is constantly changing and evolving and trends come and go. If you’d like to know what’s trendy right now, visit your local clothing store (following trends is a job position in big companies). Color trends can indeed stick around for only a month but it is also true that some clothing pieces such as jeans of a specific cut can be seen on celebrities all year round. The market is constantly being flooded with new trendy pieces that are slowly making their way up the ladder of popularity. Let’s take a look at those that will be considered fashionable this autumn so you can turn heads and perfect your personal style!


Autumn is the perfect time for layering. This old clothing piece that may resemble your grandpa’s wardrobe will be trendy again this fall! The upcoming season will make moms that constantly tell their kids to dress like an »onion« very happy. Despite some claims that this piece is hard to incorporate into outfits, we are of a different opinion – if celebrities can do it, so can you. To achieve a chic and simple look you can pair a knitted vest with a white blouse underneath. Try adding matching accessories such as a purse and a pair of white sneakers or nude stilettos in the shades of your statement piece. Skirts are very welcome if you wish to switch out your elegant jeans for something a bit girlier. We also recommend printed pants (if you’d like to visually elongate your legs go for vertical lines) in the shades of your vest that you will then put over your turtleneck. Of course, don’t forget about accessories in warm tones to truly encapsulate that warm and cozy fall vibe.

Not only will knitted vests be trendy this fall, but you will also be seeing knitted cardigans/sweaters that double as bodysuits! We couldn’t wish for a better trend that will keep us warm even when the weather starts to get a bit chilly! You will also be seeing a lot of 80’s sweaters inspired by cold weekend getaways in the Alps this fall. If we know one thing it is this: you will not be cold!


Cutouts will make sure that autumn doesn’t get too hot. Many fashion houses are returning to light and sheer fabrics. A couple more holes here and there and you will be kissed by the gentle autumn breeze. A cutout halter top paired with a jacket or a blazer will make sure you have an unforgettable fall evening. Cutout tops can be paired in various ways and give your look that extra bit of spice.


Autumn will be the color of lilac and before you know it you will also be surrounded by the saturated lime color. The brighter the better! When it’s time to head back to the office you can put on an elegant lime blazer or a long lime coat. You can spice up the look with pants of fun prints and matching stilettos. For a more »casual« look when strolling through town you can always opt for high-waisted jeans that will visually elongate your legs and gift you with an eloquent look – just don’t forget about the accessories (bold earrings are our favorites!). A tailored lime skirt paired with a white shirt or a knitted lime cardigan over a dark blue jumpsuit are killer combinations.

Lilac is a bit more gentle but it can also be made as bold as lime green. You will be able to play around with various clothing pieces in lilac this following season since it will dominate the stores. According to Vogue, lilac is a true statement piece of a watered-down winter which makes it perfect for the period in between the coldest of seasons. Monochromatic outfits with shoes and accessories of various (usually more glittery) shades of lilac are especially important when putting together lilac-colored outfits.


The next trend is… clothes of mixed colors and patterns! Fashion predicts a comeback of clothing of various textures that will be combined with fall colors in a fun way. Geometric style is making a return and fashion is accepting it with open arms, and blessing us with its taste for mixing and matching, contrasting and sewing of different fabrics and leather so you can spice up any grey fall day.


Leather will also make a return to the runways all over the world. Some sources predict a rise in the popularity of colored leather which is a bold statement piece: be it a long pastel leather coat or a leather top of saturated colors. Leather jackets will also be appearing in public more frequently. We recommend going for the interesting color combination of a camel-colored leather jacket and an animal-print handbag in similar tones. Put it over a fall dress in the colors of the warm autumn sun and spice the outfit up with matching heels and lipstick. A baby blue leather piece would go perfectly with the classic white color, and the more autumn-ish colors such as red, mustard, and orange are ideal for pairing with various scarfs that will keep you warm long after the winter starts. If you decide on a dark look you can spice it up with different-structure fabrics such as shiny pants and a printed blouses with ruffles. Add a bit of gold to embody the spirit of golden fall.

Two more variations of the leather trend that we never grow out of interpreted by the leading fashion houses are rich leather that Hermès paired with a touch of the 70s and the punk-rock look of Simone Roche.


We are stepping into animal territory where leopards and coats inspired by their skin will keep us warm all throughout autumn. Solid colors will make way for fun leopard prints. Animal prints are definitely bold statements that aren’t hard to pair – we just have to stick to the basics. Leopard prints go well with blue, be it dark or light. High-waisted pants and nude heels are therefore an indispensable casual combination. If you’d like to look bolder and more chic put on a turtleneck and flared high-waisted black pants. Don’t forget about matching sunglasses for a uniform look! Be also ready for the return of puffer jackets that will be paired with love for animal prints this following season.


When you’re warm enough thanks to your fashionable autumn coats it is time for a fun and revealing night. When transitioning from autumn to winter, trends will be in favor of all the fashionistas that love to dress in glitter. This year you won’t have any problems finding a dress for that New Year’s Eve party!