Tae Morei is a spiritual symbol of resurrection or a new life.

It awakens our capabilities, emotions and abilities in a new life. It assists anyone with the need of guidance.

The Tae Morei Company has been established to help people who want to change their lives.

We want to demonstrate change as something positive, exciting, different; something that lifts your confidence, and shows you a perspective from a different angle.

It could be the change in your style, your hair, your make-up or in general – the change in how you perceive yourself.

We give special emphasis to self-development as we believe the beauty on the outside is best emanated by a stable, strong and positive inner beauty.

The entire scope of our offer is adapted to each client. This guarantees the highest value of our service. Among an array of products, service and consultation, we must select those, which suit you the best – this is the only way to get your investment returned.

Sometimes we are only one step away from opening the door, which leads to something completely new, more successful, better. Appearance is still what makes the first impression and is sometimes a decisive factor in getting a job or getting a crush to notice you, in impressing a crowd and also yourself.


The first step you should do by yourself,you need to decide you deserve something better and that is not a sin to put yourselves in the first place sometimes.

Leave the rest to us.


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Tae Morei - Duška Grahovac s.p.

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Zaloška cesta 69,

1000 Ljubljana


VAT: 69967318

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E-mail: info@tae-morei.si

Telephone: 00386 31 73 22 33